This Clear Potato Cannon Will Be The Coolest Thing You Watch Today!

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  • Not only do you get to see what happens on the inside of a potato cannon, you get to see it in super slow motion!

    SmarterEveryDay has created a clear potato cannon in order to explore different ways to use fuel in a combustion chamber. The result?

    A failed experiment that yielded the prettiest footage we’ve ever seen. It honestly looks like how fire is described in the movie “Event Horizon.”

    “Have you ever seen fire in zero gravity? It’s beautiful… It’s like liquid. It slides all over everything. Comes up in waves.”

    Particularly, when he triggers the cannon to fire from the center and oxygen keeps coming back into the chamber to try and burn off the last reserves of fuel. It looks like waves of magma coming again and again until the fuel reserves are spent, and it all happens in seconds!

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