Stop-Motion Artist Shows Us How to Die in Classic Games — With Food

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  • We’ve covered Oscar-nominated stop motion artist PES before — twice. Guess what? He’s BACK, baby! …Sort of.

    “Game Over,” the video above, is technically not new — it was first uploaded just over eight years ago. But PES put up a kickin’ rad new HD upload recently, and it’s blowing up all over the place.

    It’s getting a lot of attention for good reason, too. The video is awesomely impressive, with classic

    arcade game death sequences recreated with unusual objects. Pac-Man is played by a pizza, the Space Invaders are beetles, and the Centipede is a bunch of cupcakes (including one with googly eyes.

    Stop motion is one of the toughest art forms out there. According to PES, just a second of one of his videos can take up to four hours. At 90 seconds in length (not counting opening and closing credits), this video may have taken up to 360 hours — that’s fifteen straight days.

    Surely we can reward all his hard work with some YouTube views, right? Check out his YouTube channel for more, or take a look at his Oscar-nominated short “Fresh Guacamole” below:

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  • What did you think? Were you impressed by PES’s art, or do you lack the capacity for joy? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!