19 Year-Old Handles Racist With More Respect Than She Gave Him

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • There have been several videos to come out of Australia of brash racists who insist that foreigners should just go back to their own country while in the same sentence damn the actual Aboriginal tribes who were there long before they were.

    In this instance, a young man dealt with an older woman at a bus stop who proudly proclaimed the country was being overrun by foreigners.

    Instead of becoming overly upset, the 19 year-old in this video respectfully questioned the woman’s beliefs leading to a conversation that shows just how ridiculous her logic is. After first accusing the young man of being a foreigner himself (spoiler alert: he isn’t) she then explained all the foreigners spend their money in their home countries rather that using it to boost the Australian economy.

    Her proof? The fact that this kid visited his father’s family in New Zealand.

    His response was that his family recent visited America too, and that travel is good for you.

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