Make-Up Artist Transforms Into Ron Swanson

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  • Transformation videos are always fun to watch. Seeing what make-up can do in the hands of a professional is impressive. Particularly when those transformations are into a recognizable celebrity or character that we all love. And who doesn’t love Ron Swanson?

    The Parks and Recreation boss, played by Nick Offerman, is very distinct, and very beloved by fans. I even saw several people cosplaying him at San Diego Comic Con this year, even though the show has been over for awhile and it doesn’t exactly fit under the usual Comic Con umbrella. But their cosplay could’ve used some input from make-up artist and YouTuber Kiki G, who used make-up to paint herself into a practically flawless replica of Swanson. You can see the before and after in the thumbnail, but it’s worth watching to see the time lapse of how she does it.

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