John Cleese Has a YouTube Channel Now, We Couldn’t Be More Happy

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  • Ladies and Gentlemen, YouTube just got a whole lot better!

    John Cleese has joined the online video fold, announcing the launch of his comedy YouTube channel. In the inaugural video, Cleese states that he will be posting clips, old and new of his comedy stylings for all fans to enjoy. The video’s description reads:

    Hello Youtubers. I haven’t the foggiest of what a Youtube Channel is, but regardless I’d like to welcome all fans of comedy (procrastinators) to this place.

    I will be releasing seen, unseen, and ‘should never be seen’ material on here periodically in order to benefit from as much advertising revenue as possible…

    Make sure you subscribe and check back for regular new content.

    Lots of love,

    John Cleese

    Cleese’s channel has already made good on content. Three videos have already been uploaded and we’re sure to see a lot more soon.

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  • Welcome to YouTube John Cleese, we’re really happy to have you!

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