Pokémon Theme Played Like Bands of the ’90s

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • If you’re playing Pokémon GO, or if you have friends who are playing Pokémon GO, or if you’re ever on the internet where basically everyone is constantly talking about playing Pokémon GO, chances are you’ve heard the Pokémon theme song at least a few times in the past month. It’s experienced a resurgence in popularity as the game brings millennials back to our Pokémon gaming origins. Even the original singer, Jason Paige, has gotten in on the action.

    But while bringing back the original theme song may be one way to celebrate nostalgia’s tight grip, throwing the lyrics and melody into the styles of notable bands from the same era may be an even better way.

    And, as he’s known for, that’s just what Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs decided to do.

    His video cover includes versions of the Pokémon theme song that sound like they could have been recorded by groups such as Aqua, Cher, and even Nine Inch Nails. It’s well worth the watch, and may help pump you up to go out and truly catch ‘em all. (Besides the legendaries and region-specific creatures, but hey, we do what we can, right?)

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