Watch a Russian Guy Have Way Too Much Fun Dropping Dry Ice Into Slime

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  • The YouTuber known as CrazyRussianHacker has done his share of goofy, enthusiastic experiments. A while back, he showed us we’ve been taking off our t-shirts wrong our whole lives. His newest adventure has resulted in one of his coolest videos yet.

    In the video above, the Hacker finds out what happens when you drop dry ice into a slime mixture. The results themselves are pretty damned sweet (no spoilers!), but even sweeter is his exuberant reaction. If you’ve never seen a fun-loving dude with a limited command of the English language giggle with glee at slimy bubbles, you are missing out.

    Remember, in CrazyRussianHacker’s words, “safety is first priority.” Don’t try this at home. (Especially the part where he fishes dry ice out of the slime with his bare hands. That stuff’s wicked cold!)

    Instead, try making glitter slime! We tried it, and failed spectacularly. Check out the video of our attempt below, and be sure to check out CrazyRussianHacker’s channel for more awesome experiments and life hacks.

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