Watch This Amazing Video of a Stuntman Snowboarding in Clouds

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  • In the biggest viral daredevil video to hit YouTube this week, Adrian “Wildman” Cenni goes snowboarding through actual clouds, and it’s pretty damn impressive. Cenni could be the next Casey Neistat if he keeps this up — remember Neistat from his own snowboarding stunt or that time he played Pokémon Go IRL?

    In Cenni’s video, it appears as though he might snowboard down a dirt-covered mountain. That is, until he’s picked up by a helicopter. Attached by a harness and wire to the helicopter, he snowboards through the sky, making it appear as though he’s riding on clouds.

    With his Happy Socks snowboard, there’s shots in the video that make Cenni look like he’s attached to nothing. There’s also shots that make Cenni disappear amongst the titanic clouds.

    The video is already a hit, with around half a million views in just a few days and an appearance in YouTube’s Trending Videos section.

    If you’re curious about the music like I was, the song playing is “World Is Our Playground” by DJ Vice featuring Mike Taylor.

    This is the second big hit for Cenni on YouTube, his first being when he barrel-rolled his truck. Check out that video below:

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