This Guy Sliced Some Snapchat Spectacles in Half for Funsies

  • Look at all the fun colors they come in!



  • A few months back, the company formerly known as Snapchat (they just go by Snap now) announced that they would be releasing some snazzy new shades called “Spectacles.” They’re pretty fashionable, and link to the Snapchat app on your phone so you can upload your photos and videos to your Story.

    Daniel Markham from What’s Inside got a little help from his friends and took these special specs apart to take a look at their inner workings. You remember when he cut Kanye’s shoes in half? Yep, same dude. Anyways, they found some high tech stuff! Also, the lithium battery inside caught fire after they punctured it, because science.

    Check out their original video below:

  • They actually cut the specs down the center.

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  • Turns out, there is some pretty high tech stuff in Snap Specs. There’s definitely a wire connecting the camera lenses on both sides of the sunglasses, and the arms of the glasses are thicker to hide the batteries. YouTuber Shonduras did some skateboarding with the glasses on before the What’s Inside team did surgery. Watch below!

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  • So there you have it! Snapchat Spectacles are kind of in high demand right now, and the ones they got in the video above were actually purchased at a VENDING MACHINE in Venice Beach. Snap is apparently putting them in out in public by surprise, and they’re retailing online for over $5,000. Yiiiikes better get them from the vending machines.

    What do you think? Do you need Snap Specs in your life? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.