Domino’s Pizza Is Delivering Pizza With Reindeer!

  • U.S. fast food is seriously lacking right now. First, McDonald’s Italy announced a sweet, new Nutella burger, and now, Domino’s Pizza Japan is going to start delivering pizza via reindeer!

    Someone just book my plane ticket now. I need to Rudolph to deliver my medium cheese pizza.

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  • According to a press release issued on Nov. 17, Domino’s is currently working with reindeer breeders to ensure the new “delivery boys” are prepared for extreme weather conditions this winter.

    Just as you can track your order online, the reindeer, too, will be fitted with GPS trackers so customers can track their progress in real time.

    There’s no telling if the reindeer will be able to manage with Japan’s expected weather conditions, but I’m hoping this new venture is successful. If you live or are in Japan during the holiday season, you can expect to see the reindeer roll out in December.

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