Watch This Oddly Relaxing Video of a Hydraulic Press Crushing Gold

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  • You ever feel like all the world needs is a hydraulic press? Well, Crushit is a YouTube channel that feels the same way. In their videos, they crush things with a hydraulic press and it’s really quite relaxing. Just like when CNN and Fox News stopped everything to watch cute bears.

    Gold is a very valuable metal. That little chunk of it is still worth 40,000 US dollars. Even after being crushed. (Plenty of YouTube commenters seem to think that reshaping gold means you’re destroying it. Plenty of YouTube commenters are wrong.) Well, assuming it retained its original mass of 1 kg, which it should have. See, gold can be melted down to reshape into that gold bar. That bar doesn’t occur in nature. For the record, I’m not sure any bar occurs in nature.

    But watching anything get crushed can be relaxing. It’s like going to a spa and seeing something valuable get folded and mangled beneath a hydraulic press. Sometimes we all just need a little controlled chaos.

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