YouTuber Sharpens a $1 Knife Until It Cuts Better Than a $100 One

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  • Knives: you can use them for cooking, whittling, stabbing, the knife game, and more! You can even throw ’em on a creepy tentacle robot and call it a day. (Please don’t do those last three.)

    If there’s one thing we can say for sure about knives, though, it’s that you get what you pay for. I spent an upsetting amount of money on my chef’s knife, and I’ve never regretted it — everyone knows cheap knives are dull, flimsy, and more likely to chop through your fingers than whatever you’re trying to slice.

    That is, we thought that, until this video came and turned our entire world upside-down. Check out this video from the Jun’s Kitchen channel on YouTube:

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  • In the video, Jun buys a knife for roughly one stinkin’ dollar, then runs it over a series of sharpening stones of ever-finer grit. The end result is one finely-honed piece of cheap metal — one that can slice through paper, make wafer-thin tomato slices, and even chop through a few water bottles.

    Now, this isn’t to say that $1 knives are equal or superior to $100 ones. More expensive knives can hold their edge longer, do more heavy-duty chopping and slicing, and generally swing their weight better than a $1 knife. (You’ll notice that Jun doesn’t try to carve up a side of beef or chop through a few heads of garlic with this thing.)

    But, as the later half of Jun’s video explains, he’s making a point about how your usage of knives should determine what kind of knife you buy. If you’re cooking three meals a day for a family of six, you’ll probably need a real workhorse. However, if all you need to do is throw together the occasional dinner, there’s no reason to blow a fat wad of cash on a knife that doesn’t fit your needs. Good lookin’ out, Jun!

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