VIDEO: Little Kid Learns How to Jump Onto Stool


  • It’s like a Rocky montage, but about a little kid trying to jump onto a stool, as a video made the rounds on Twitter shows a little kid continuously trying and trying and trying to make a jump onto a stool. We see a montage of almost lands and fall behinds, as the kid falls down, but doesn’t give up, rising like the mighty tiger to jump again on that stool! Over and over they practice, and they get close. Sometimes the kid’s feet touch the edge and they fall off! Close is pretty good… but not good enough.

    Finally. A trainer (parent, maybe) gets the child into place, and… they stick the landing! Yes, yes, yes! This kid is a champion. Delightful. Hear that cry of might! This kid will grow up most likely to jump on us all — like some kind of mad video game platforming character. Pure power.

    Now go out there and “jump” (conquer) the “stools” (problems and things in your way) in your life.

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