VIDEO: Amusement Park Dinosaur on Fire

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  • Friends, if there’s one thing that can unite our ever divided country, I believe it is this video of an amusement park dinosaur in flames. An electrical fire at the Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience in Colorado has caused their massive tyrannosaurus rex to burst into flames creating a vision that seems like it’s out of a music video (or a knock-off of a David Lynch movie).

    The whole thing is caused due to an electrical malfunction, and thankfully no one was hurt. Instead, we can gaze at the incredible form of this fiery tyrannosaurus rex. This hell dinosaur erupted in flames, this living metaphor for the old world dying to make way for things that are new, this metaphor for the future crushing the old. This dinosaur shall be our new American flag until the future is formed. This I will declare.

    But for now let’s just gaze at the beautiful creatures weird hollowed out fire skeleton in the video with absolute love.

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