VIDEO: Professor Makes Student Dance When He’s Late, Student KILLS IT


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  • Apparently this isn’t the only time this particular student — one Brandon Goderich, was late too class, and why would he ever come on time? When students are late, this professor forces them to dance, and this student is more than happy to oblige. As one person on Twitter recorded him, the kid was a pure and holy dancing man. Look at his tongue sticking out of his mouth, he was more than happy to oblige as onlookers delighted in the art of gazing at his adorable joy-filled face.

    This comes only a few days after the teacher starting breakdancing for some pie. What is it with all these dancing souls lately? Don’t they know that PEOPLE are WATCHING? The people of the Internet? Tisk, tisk!

    Still, it’s fun! Remember, always come late to class — I might write about you!

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