VIDEO: Catholic Church Flies Blessed Sacrament from Drone


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  • “Sacrilegious silliness” is what it was called by the Catholic Herald, but for me, I just see this as a way to bring Catholicism into the 21st century. Or maybe it’s more specifically, a way to bring Catholicism onto a website like this one — a website that’s never met a very silly video we did not immediately want to write about. A Catholic Church in Brazil used a drone — one of those propellor powered remote control flying machines that your neighbor’s kid will someday lose in your yard — in order to deliver the Monstrance (or the Blessed Sacrament) to the altar. The parish in the video cheers and claps, but the people who posted the video are none too pleased.

    You can tell because the word Catholic is in square quotes in the title.

    The commenters were outraged and hurled hate until the comments section was shut down, but even now we see the video, as of this writing, sporting 102 dislikes, and only 17 likes (one of the likes was from me). I say — this is fun! People in here are still worshipping, still coming out for mass, and if you’re worried, trust me, it’s not the worst thing that’s been done in the name of religion.

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