The Most Mindblowing Performances And Ridiculous Quirks Of The 2014 Grammy Awards

  • The 2014 Grammy Awards, hosted by L.L. Cool J, featured more performances than actual award categories and more epic, on-stage collaborations than ever before.

    To kick off the night, Beyonce and Jay-Z steamed up the venue with their super sexy, “Drunk In Love,” in which Bey was questioned to have had a nip slip, but no one really cared – even CBS – because it’s Beyonce and she can get away with anything.

    Next up, Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar caused explosions with their rendition of “Radioactive,” which had Taylor Swift dancing up a storm in the front row.

  • Then, Daft Punk and Stevie Wonder hit the stage with Pharrell and the real star of the show – Pharrell’s park ranger hat, which Arby’s totally called out.

  • Almost done, but not quite yet. Don’t forget Jared Leto letting his hair down to introduce Metallica and Lang Lang’s duet.

  • Finally, the whole show was revealed to have actually been the most insane wedding party ever as 34 couples got married to the sounds of Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert, Queen Latifah, and Madonna collaborating.

  • Oh, yeah, one more thing. Taylor Swift headbangs now. Rock ‘n roll.






    [via Vulture]