The Top 10 Most Viral Commercials of Super Bowl XLVIII

  • While you were licking the chip crumbs off your fingers and shaking your head at the most uneventful Super Bowl game in history (except for you, diehard Seahawks fans), our friends at Visible Measures were calculating the top 10 most viral campaigns of this year’s big game.

    To kick things off, Budweiser blew the competition off the field with its adorable “Puppy Love” commercial, which has already racked up over 37 million views on YouTube. Having released the video last Wednesday, the beer brand generated roughly 8.6 million views per day up until Game Day.

    While other brands – mostly those for beer, cars, and chips – did quite well on their own, let’s just say Budweiser’s True Reach (combined viewership from original videos, copies and derivative content) of 43.2 million made them all look like Peyton Manning at Super Bowl XLVIII. Ouch.

    Check out the rest of the top 10 below: