New Trailer for “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” Features No One’s Favorite Avenger

  • The lethal shield-wielding hero and Marvel’s action packed new trailer featuring no one’s favorite Avenger has nerds everywhere…muttering and a little put out. The two minute and thirty second video includes dismal undertones, dismal dialogue, and dismal hair-dos. All in all it seems a bit dismal.

    Captain America seems to have reinvented himself as a dark flappy bird jacked up on steroids while his nemesis appears to have a fondness for high-velocity Frisbee tossing.

    A couple of other familiar faces warmed Marvel geek hearts with the leather-clad Black Widow seductively flipping about while a battle-weary Nick Fury looks…er…battle-weary.

    Dismalness aside, the trailer does have some sweet action scenes, and who can resist a flying metal human coursing through Manhattan skyscrapers? I know I can’t. Let us know what you think!