“Top Gear UK” Crew Plays Supermarket Sweep in Preview for Upcoming Season

  • The boys are at it again with their crazy antics and causes of mayhem.

    Jeremy Clarkson, Richmond Hammond, and James May return with their 21st Season of the BBC show, “Top Gear UK.” The guys have provided great reviews for some¬†extraordinary cars, crazy adventures of cross country road trips, and plenty of laughs throughout many challenges. BBC has released a video of the crew divided and pitted against each other while playing a round of Supermarket Sweep with the use of hatchbacks. As any fan of the show would expect, there are plenty of jabs between the hosts along with destructive behavior, but Hammond throws a twist that no one would expect to happen.

    The new season of “Top Gear UK” is set to begin in the U.S. on February 10 on BBC America.