#TBT: Amazing Wiffle Ball Catch That Landed On SportsCenter’s Top 10 Plays List

  • Just over six months ago, Konnor Fleming, a small-town Vermonter made probably the greatest documented Wiffle Ball play of all time. In fact, it is probably the only play ever to be recorded in Wiffle Ball competition… Yet, this play was so groundbreaking that it made number two on SportsCenter’s Top 10 Plays! Check it out:

  • Stories say the batter had to go through therapy after that catch. Others say Konnor was born with wings. While he couldn’t speculate on either of those rumors, he did stress the importance of the tournament—because I’m sure we were all wondering where this Wiffle Ball field came from. It is called “Little Fenway,” and every year, a tournament is held to fundraise for the Travis Roy Foundation, which raises money for spinal cord research. While Fleming enjoyed the popularity, he mentioned in an interview how great it is to get some more press for the tournament and foundation.