Teen Comes Out to His Senior Class While Accepting an Award

  • Jonathan Rudolph¬†uploaded the above video of his son, Jacob, accepting his senior superlative award for Class Actor and delivering a very personal and powerful speech to over 300 students. Jonathan wrote that what his son did “took more guts to do than anything I’ve ever attempted in my life.”

    With the podium all to himself, Jacob addressed his classmates:

    Most of you see me every day. You see me acting the part of “straight” Jacob, when I am in fact LGBT. Unlike millions of other LGBT teens who have had to act every day to avoid verbal harassment and physical violence, I’m not going to do it anymore. It’s time to end the hate in our society and accept the people for who they are regardless of their sex, race, orientation, or whatever else may be holding back love and friendship. So take me, leave me, or move me out of the way. Because I am what I am, and that’s how I’m going to act from now on.

    The reaction he receives is something to witness for yourself.