“PBS: The Movie” Pits The Avengers Of Smart Television Against Reality Programming

  • In the latest from Gritty Reboots, PBS assembles a dream team of educational superheroes to fight for the future of smart, educational television.

    The minds of the youth are being corrupted by reality programming and vapid entertainment, but Carl Sagan, Mister Rogers, Bob Ross and Bill Nye are here to help in full “Avengers” style, because some men just want to watch the world learn.

    The Gritty Reboots YouTube channel writes:

    “We live in a world where celebrity and “reality” entertainment is winning the war for our attention. Though this may just seem like it’s playing off a funny trope, we do need superheroes in our world. Super men, women (and puppets), like those actualized by PBS, who inspire young generations to be scientists, teachers, and artists. But those heroes will not appear unless we create them.”

    So, start creating your superheroes and move forward with the courage to teach and learn.

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