Toby Turner Launches Indiegogo Campaign For Tobuscus Adventures Mobile Game

  • Renaissance YouTuber Toby Turner has always wanted to create a mobile game based on his wildly popular “Tobuscus Adventures” animated series, featuring “wizards, zombies, innovative spellcasting and animated cut-scenes!” And now he’s going to make it happen, but he needs your help!

    Along with the brand new episode above, Toby recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise money that will go towards the production of this game and even future games.

    Respective to how much donors give, rewards include exclusive access to concept art, signed posters, T-shirts, access to the beta version of the game, producer credits, trips to space (Space Mountain, that is), and more.

    Be a part of the project by donating on Toby’s Indiegogo page.