Joe Rogan Predicts The Creation Of Fear Factor Years Before He Ends Up Hosting It

  • Let’s face it: Bob Saget’s America’s Funniest Home Videos was a boring, tepid affair, full of cheap gags and people’s pants falling down. Why was it so boring? As Joe Rogan explains in this clip of his standup comedy (we’re not sure what year it was shot), it’s because America’s Funniest Home Videos only gave a top prize of $10,000.

    “I know how to make this show better. Raise the stakes. From $10,000 to like $10 million. Because then you’d see a show. Think about what you would do for $10,000. Not much, you’re not going to risk your life or anything. But for $10 million I’d shove a live pitbull up my ass.”

    This sounds strikingly familiar to a show that debuted in 2001: Fear Factor. Though it didn’t offer $10 million, it did raise the stakes to $50,000, which was apparently enough to goad people into doing a number of disgustingly horrible things, some of which were with animals. And who was the host of Fear Factor? Joe Rogan.