A Camera That Spits in Half and Takes Two Photos Simultaneously

  • How often have you found yourself with a group of friends wanting to take a photo with them but with nobody around to take it? Usually, you have to compensate by excluding someone from the photo so he or she can snap it. The makers of DUO tried to solve this problem by creating a camera that splits in half and takes two synchronized photos that it then combines into one.

    When browsing through old photos, we have stronger memory connection and emotion projection while seeing photos with ourselves inside. However, documenting the presence of self is not an easy task. And there is usually one person has to be excluded from photos taken in social events.

    ‘DUO’ is a separable camera with synchronised triggers to captures the moment. It invites people to engage the photo-taking process. By being both photographer and subject at the same time, it enables people to have fun documenting and being documented.