Watch the Guy Who Got a Romney Logo Tattoo on His Face Explain Why He’s Getting It Removed

  • If asked for one word to describe Eric Hartsburg’s decision to get the Romney presidential logo tattooed on his face, you’d probably offer up “stupid.” But after watching this video, you’ll realize the word you were really looking for is “noble.”

    “I got it about a week before the election to try to entice young Republicans to come out and vote to know that you don’t have to be rich, you don’t have to be elderly, to vote Republican,” Hartsburg explain, helpfully. “I was trying to make politics fun.”

    So was Mitt Romney grateful for this man’s selfless act to inspire young voters? “I felt kind of snubbed when I reached out to the Romney campaign and Governor Romney or nobody from the campaign contacted me back so maybe I’m just a little bit bitter.”