Filmmaker Jason Pollock Channels Drake In Inspiring High School Commencement Speech

  • He wanted to make sure that the 450 senior students, and entire crowd of more than 2600 people attending the ceremony, understood that “You only live once is really a very positive thing.” It’s not an excuse to do bad things, but rather it’s “about living every day to the fullest.”

    He continues to channel the famous rapper for about six minutes, starting at the 5:30 mark in the video above.

    As the creator of the web series and documentary, “Undroppable,” Pollock also shares his wisdom and encouragement about the younger generation’s opportunities to become involved in social media, technology, and computer science:

    I encourage each of you to get online, and I know you’re all online, but use this online world we have created to learn more. Nobody taught me social media. There wasn’t a class for it in 2009. I just became obsessed with it and taught myself, and I want you guys to remember education is like that. It doesn’t just happen in school. It happens at home, too. With the Internet, we have all these tools to research and know so much more. And that’s why in some ways you guys know a lot more than your parents about a lot of stuff now because you are connected to the Internet, and the Internet is a gateway to the world.

    [via Mashable]