A Prank where a Famous YouTuber Gets Locked in a Hotel Room with a Psycho Fan

  • Let’s say you’re YouTuber Mazzi Maz and you’re doing video interviews VidCon. And one of those interviewers tells you, while the two of you are alone in a hotel room together, that she’s your biggest fan. She asks you to take off your shoes, then your socks, then sits on your lap and asks if you want to make out with her. Suddenly, a loud thumping and groaning erupts from a nearby closet and out falls a man who’s gagged at the mouth and tied up. Your #1 fan apologizes and uses a tater to subdue the man.

    Chances are if you’re Mazzi Maz you’re going to be freaking out right about now.

  • Simon Owens is a journalist living in Washington, DC. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. Email him at [email protected]