This Is What Old People Think of Justin Bieber

  • In the latest Elders React from The Fine Bros, these older folks share their raw and honest reactions to some classic Justin Bieber videos, including his 2013 Billboard Music Awards speech (during which he was booed), his first Instagram video, and that infamous footage of him peeing in a mop bucket.

    They also take the time to offer their advice for Bieber to remain grounded in spite of his child stardom.

    Highlight reactions include:

    “Dude, when I was 19 years old, I was up to here in rice patty water looking for people to shoot.”

    “Is he, like, wasted or something?”

    “He didn’t seem very masculine.”

    “Boy, that really means he’s popular, when you’re booed like that.”

    “I need to call his mother.”