Did The Onion Predict Miley Cyrus’ Disastrous VMAs 2013 Performance Five Years Ago?

  • As one redditor pointed out, The Onion predicted five years ago that then-Disney-star Miley Cyrus would be a depleted entertainment resource by 2013. If you’ve heard or seen anything about Miley’s VMAs performance last night, you know that their satirical news report wasn’t too far off in saying, “Typically, a teenage star can have profits drilled from her for approximately six years before dropping down to ‘Is she too wild?’ levels.”

    While a trusted Miley researcher from the Institute for Sustainable Cyrus Use compared the “Hannah Montana” star to Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, he also noted that “we are burning through Miley at a far more aggressive rate.”

    We didn’t do it, guys. We didn’t preserve our valuable resource. And now we are paying the price.