Help “The Young Turks” Build A New Studio For The Future Of Independent News

  • The cutting-edge news empire known as “The Young Turks” is looking for a new home, and you can help build it.

    Now that they’re all moved out of their studio at “Current TV,” these newsmakers are raising $250,000 on Indiegogo to build a new Los Angeles studio from the ground up.

    We want to build a quality TV ready studio that will stand up to all the other mainstream networks out there.  A space that TYT can proudly call home, from where we will continue to deliver the truth the way we’ve always done it – independent and unfiltered. We would love it if you can build it with us. We want this to be the house that YOU built.

    In helping to create the new space, contributors will have access perks such as T-shirts, hoodies, TYT memberships, and even parts of the studio dedicated in their name!

    Contribute on their Indiegogo page and spread the word with #IamTYT.