The New “Tarzan 3D” Animated Trailer Will Ruin Your Childhood

  • If Avatar and Tarzan had a baby, and that baby had a baby with Plant of the Apes…it still wouldn’t equate to Tarzan 3D. In this modern adaptation, Tarzan is no longer faced with battling imperialism but rather corporate America, which he must fight off to save his home and his people…or his gorillas.

    The jungle dweller is voiced by Kellan Lutz of Twilight, and Jane Porter is voiced by Spencer Locke of Resident Evil. The animation looks subpar, while the plot appears to be a knock-off of Avatar. Suffice it to say, some childhoods may be ruined in the viewing process.

    The film will be opening in the U.K. in January, while a release date has not yet been set for the U.S.

    [via Reddit]