Jon Stewart Tells Pete Holmes To “Toughen Up” For His First Late Night Gig

  • “The Pete Holmes Show” made its premiere last night on TBS. To kick off his inaugural episode, Pete Holmes showed us the advice he received from one of his idols, and noted talk show veteran, Jon Stewart.

    Stewart began with, “Toughen up, Opie! You need to bring your cynicism.” It’s usually tough to determine if Stewart is being serious, but this piece of advice seemed practical. But Holmes is already off to a good start on his own, with his prime slot right after Conan O’Brien. Not too shabby.

    As the conversation between the two talk show hosts closed, Stewart told the rookie,”You’re on your way to being a shell of a man. All I can say is, ‘Welcome to the team.'”

    Let’s hope late night television doesn’t turn nice ol’ Pete into a shell! And if you want to check out more of What’s Trending’s coverage of the new Pete Holmes Show, check out his Ex-Men skit making fun of Wolverine!