10 Last-Minute Bed Sheet Halloween Costumes With Grace Helbig

  • It’s Thursday! And Thursday is how-to day on Grace Helbig’s channel, DailyGrace. And since this Thursday is Halloween, she did a special how-to just for the holiday. Grace gets creative with a sheet in her hotel room and shows us ten ways to use it as a costume. For all those who waited until the last-minute to come up with a quirky idea, these might come in handy!

    And if there’s one lesson you can take from this video, it’s this: when imitating things like inanimate objects, it’s really all about attitude. Take her used-tissue idea for instance, she gets into a very hunched over position, as if she’s a crumpled-up-booger-filled-tissue. You can just see it. Not to mention, nothing will ward off monsters and mummies like looking germy.

    Thanks, Grace!