Wong Fu Productions Pick Their Video Of The Year For YouTube Music Awards

  • Philip Wang and Wesley Chan of Wong Fu Productions chat with Shira Lazar on What’s Trending live in London about the YouTube Music Awards Video of the Year!

    While there are many videos with tons of searches and views up for the big award, these guys make some pretty crucial points about which have gone biggest on YouTube.

    Speaking of One Direction’s “Best Song Ever,” Wesley says, “Even if they lose this category, they can still say that they had the best song ever.” He speaks the truth.

    Philip says, “We should all be very proud of Epic Rap Battles for repping YouTube in this awards show, and I’m very glad that they are there. Pop already gets 100 award shows to themselves already, so let’s have some for the YouTubers.”

    But still, Philip says he’s rooting for Girls’ Generation to get some more recognition for K-Pop!

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