Track Hoe Boarding Is The Craziest Version of Wakeboarding

  • Their #3 stunt: Track Hoe Boarding

    They set up a track hoe in a shallow part of Utah Lake. ¬†This video makes this stunt look extremely fun and also extremely painful. If you thought belly smacking into a lake off of a regular wake is harsh, tumbling off the wake of a track hoe looks…

    Just a little….


    In the “Behind The Scenes” video, those participating were advised to “tuck and roll with it so you don’t hit the bottom” because the stunt was set up in shallow water. Aside from wiping out, this trick looked like it was tons of fun to test out. And the rest of the video shows people partying around the Track Hoe, some even dressed in costumes. Let’s hope they weren’t under the influence…Operating heavy machinery all jacked up on Mountain Dew can be very dangerous!