“Man of Steel” Honest Trailer Bashes The Mopiest Superman Movie Yet

  • What happens when a classic hero is reinvented to be an ultimately destructive life-ruiner and slave to product placement? “Man of Steel,” apparently.

    Screen Junkies is here to set the record straight about the hype surrounding “Man of Steel” with their latest Honest Trailer  – a.k.a. the way the movie should’ve been marketed (if execs didn’t want anyone to show up at the theater…)

    The Honest Trailer argument is that these producers essentially took an American franchise and cast an English dude “with the acting range of a crumpet” for a new, mopey, ultra-violent version of Superman that is not fun for either adults or children.

    And just wait for when the villainous General Zod ultimately unleashes his wrath by…dropping that bass!