Homeless Man Creates His Own App After Incredible Offer From Programmer

  • Patrick McConlogue made Leo Grand a truly intriguing off this past summer. He would either give the homeless man $100 or teach him how to write software code. After Grand accepted the latter option, he worked for months to build his own app, aided by thousands of Facebook followers’ donations.

    The app, Trees for Cars, helps people connect to create carpools and share rides. It aims to have less cars on the road and stop people from using so many fossil fuels.

    McConlogue writes, “Trees for Cars is a mobile carpooling app that connects drivers and riders. Every car on the road contributes to pollution by emitting CO2. By using Trees for Cars to find rides in your area, you’ll be helping the environment because more carpooling means fewer cars on the road.”

    Download the app now from iTunes and support Grand’s endeavor!

    [via iMore]