NBA Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving Is a Creepy Uncle

  • Pepsi Max just released a new online campaign featuring a old, weird guy that they call “Uncle Drew.” The spot begins with Uncle Drew going to watch a pick-up basketball game, presumably because this is a “documentary” about a dude named Kevin.

    Well, after one of the guys on the court turns his ankle, they call Uncle Drew in to play. At first, Uncle Drew plays what you expect an over 60, slow, portly guy to play like. But then something magical happens (at least that’s what the Youtube description says).

    This is actually a pretty funny waste of your time. And the best part (at least in my opinion) is that in the credits it reads, “Written and Directed by Kyrie Irving.” So, if this whole basketball thing doesn’t work out for Irving, he may have a second career.