IKEA’s Cardboard Camera and It Actually Works (VIDEO)

  • IKEA, you’ve done it again. First, you gave me cheap, but pretty cool-looking furniture. If that bookshelf I built by myself falls apart in two years, so be it. At least, I had a bookshelf.

    Then, you gave me your Swedish meatballs. I don’t really care what animal parts you use in those things, the meatballs are cheap, taste good, and I’m eating something exotic, so take that mom.

    Then, you announced you are giving the world the IKEA city. I probably will never live there, but now I know there’s place I can go if I feel a need to build my own roads and toilets.

  • A cool, retro digital camera at the fraction of the cost? That’s pretty awesome.

    P.S. I had to rewatch the video several times to realize they were joking about the camera’s features. Those Swedes have a very dry sense of humor.