Top 10 Viral ‘Call Me Maybe’ Spoofs (VIDEO)

  • Visible Measures just posted The Top 10 Most Viral ‘Call Me Maybe’ Spoofs, confirming that Carly Rae Jepsen’s catchy and easily mockable tune has driven well over 410 million views to date across over 120 clips, including 125 million views from the original VEVO video alone.

    The song was, after all, born with viral potential after Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez tweeted about it and made a video with Ashley Tisdale where they danced to the song — inspiring others to do the same.

    Visible Measures also calculated that these spoofs have helped ‘Call Me Maybe’ outrun Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ music video for hits, the latter of which has over 1.2 billion views to date.  In its first four months, ‘Baby’ generated 380 million views while ‘Call Me Maybe’ has 410+ million views after the same time lapse.

    So, which spoofs are driving most of that traffic?


    Check out the top five below. Do you have a favorite?