‘Camera Warfare’ ft. Freddie W and Brandon Laatsch (VIDEO)

  • Cameras can be mighty powerful instruments, capable of magnificent feats if placed in the right hands.

    YouTuber DevinSuperTramp, a.k.a. Devin Graham, creates a universe in which cameras are weapons of army-like explosion and necessity in his “Camera Warfare” short, which he identifies as one of “several WWII Youtube videos I did with the cast and crew of the film Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed.”

    The war-themed video even includes YouTube favorites and master camera-wielders Freddie W and Brandon Laatsch of “Video Game High School.”

    Have you ever taken part in camera warfare?

    Freddie W and Brandon were in the What’s Trending studios earlier this summer. Check out what they had to say about filmmaking and web series: