Driver vs. Driver: Exacting Revenge With An Open Car Window (VIDEO)

  • Guest post by Kay Honda

  • We’ve all been there: road rage is nothing new to the experienced driver, but is road revenge taking it a little far?

    Uploaded on July 29, this video has already racked up over 1.5 million views. While TheFunSpider has posted plenty of road videos with a dash cam in the past, none of them caught the world’s attention like this one. When someone normally gets in a scuffle with an aggressive driver, usually a brief hate fantasy emerges before the issue is dropped. Not this guy. He plans.

    This driver is either extremely clever, or he’s pulled these stunts before.

    As commenter Jaekim7790 states: “Open window. That driver knew what he was doing.”

    We’re left to wonder if the second driver got his rebuttal. But judging by the childish, ego-centric “battle of wits” displayed here, it seems like it might be a tough call.