Human Jukebox: Street Performers Take Requests At Rapid Pace (VIDEO)

  • Musical video experimentation YouTube channel, CollectiveCadenza a.k.a cdza, set up a human jukebox using a few very talented performers and a row of donation jars, labeled with requests for Bach, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Faster Forward, Slow Down, and “?” mystery option.

    By taking donations as votes for which music to play and how to play it, the resulting display exemplifies a fun and interactive way for street musicians to raise money.

    “The Human Jukebox | cdza Opus No. 9” features Charles Yang on violin, Michael Thurber on bass, and Eddie Barbash on alto saxophone.

    After the experiment was over, cdza donated the collected money to Wingspan Arts, a non-profit that aims to expose diverse and young groups of people to the arts.