Revolutionary Robot Baxter Applies Common Sense and Friendliness in Workplace

  • Boston-based startup Rethink Robotics is revolutionizing the workplace with your new co-worker, Baxter, America’s first adaptive manufacturing robot, “designed to use common sense and work safely alongside people,” according to the company’s website.

    In the above YouTube video from the RethinkRobotics YouTube channel, viewers can watch the affordably priced ($22,000), interactive robot in action. Equipped with cameras, sensors, grippers, interchangeable parts, a mobile pedestal, and a touch screen and smiling face, Baxter has the ability to “see” objects, “feel” forces and “understand” tasks.

    Rethink Robotics encourages Baxter’s future employers to “Train it like you would any other worker – through demonstration. No software engineering or teaching pendant required.”

    See you at the water cooler, Baxter.