DJ Mike Relm Remixes Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen Halloween Special for Cooking Channel

  • Nadia G — a.k.a. the “Punk Julia Child of the Net Generation” — is serving up some tasty fright this Sunday for her Bitchin’ Kitchen Halloween Special on Cooking Channel.

    Ready and raring to get everyone pumped for the creepy feast is DJ Mike Relm — who also does the music for What’s Trending! — with his wacky remix promo, bringing some Internet flare to Cooking Channel’s online-to-TV #1 show.

    Would you like to bring in your holiday of horror with some half-naked models, zombie correspondents, creepy-ass dolls and, of course, delicious food? Then be sure to tune in to the Cooking Channel on Oct. 21 @ 8pm ET and let cooking’s least traditional host, Nadia G, handle the rest.