Congressional Candidate Richard Tisei Gives Us a Break From Brutal Campaign Ads With…Another Campaign Ad

  • Massachusetts congressional candidate¬†Richard Tisei unburdens voters from the slew of aggravating political campaign ads with yet another political campaign ad that sports its own twist.

    Once the ad opens with, “I’m Richard Tisei and I approve this message,” viewers are likely to think that they’re in for the long haul, meaning, ready to be exposed to a short, divisive soundbite full of rhetoric. But, really, Richard Tisei just wants his constituents to relax. So why not have your ad abruptly cut to the soothing ebb and flow of the waves on Gloucestor’s Good Harbor Beach?

    Whether Massachusetts residents are supporting Republican Tisei or Democrat John Tierney, all can most likely agree,¬†“Ahh, that was nice.”