Video: Football Player Saves Opponent’s Life On The Field

  • WOW! Jaba Kankava saved the Life of opponent Oleg Gusev! Как игроки Днепра спасли жизнь Гусеву –

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    Dynamo Kiev captain Oleg Gusev swallowed his tongue following a horrible collision with Dnipro goalkeeper Denys Boyko.

    In a nearly tragic accident, Boyko knocked out Gusev with a high boot, and immediately it became clear that the unconscious Gusev had swallowed his tongue.

    Players from both sides instinctively ran to Gusev’s aid, and the medics soon followed to take over.

    Kankava has been credited with pulling Gusev’s tongue out from his throat, thereby saving his opponent’s life.

    Thankfully after a few minutes Gusiev stood up before he was carted off the pitch on a stretcher.