Baby BORN ON A TRAIN gets free travel

An Irish baby born on a moving train has been given 25 years of free travel on the company rail line. The company, called Irish Rail, is also offering to help out Mom too.

“All under 5’s travel for free, and we’re offering the baby girl another 20 years til age 25,” a spokesman said.

The birth happened suddenly this week when a woman went into labor mid-train ride. Three women, two of them nurses, and a doctor also happened to be on the train, and rushed to her aid.

Dr. Alan Devine admitted he was watching the HBO series Chernobyl on his phone when he realized what was happening, and later commented that he was “terrified” the entire time. The only tools he had to help were a pair of rubber gloves.

Luckily, though, the delivery went smoothly and both Mom and baby were taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

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